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Ice Cream Powder Workshop has been granted the title of
Publishing Zeit :   2008-5-4      Klicken:   1813

On the morning of April 29th, 2008, the commendation meeting celebrating the May Day of 2008 was held ceremoniously in Shenzhen Hall. The conference commended the May Day award receiver for the whole nation and also commended the collective delegates ofWorkers Vanguard for the nation, Guangdong province and Shenzhen city.

Liu Yupu, Clerk of Shenzhen municipal, Li Huanan, the vice director of Municipal People's Congress, LiMing, the deputy mayor and the related leaders from Municipal Trade Unions Attended the conference. Li Huanan presided at the meeting. More than 1000 people including the model workers, advanced collective delegates and delegates of employees from all walks of life attended the conference. As a gainer of Worker Vanguard in Shenzhen, Ocean Power Food Technology Co., Ltd took Part in the commendation meeting.

In recent years, with the leadership of the municipal party committee and the municipal government and the purpose of building Shenzhen as a harmonious and effective city, a group of advanced model workers which functions as good examples and demonstration in all walks of life have come forward, which has made an outstanding contribution to promote reform and opening up and social democracy modern construction.

The staff of ice-cream powder Workshop in Oceanpower Food Technology Co., Ltd, who has rich professional knowledge, strong safety awareness and skilled production operation skills, won the title of Workers Vanguard in Shenzhenand gained the commendation of Shenzhen Municipal government with first-class quality, first-class work, first-class service, first-class achievement and first-class team.

In the meeting, Li Ming, the deputy mayor, on behalf of Shenzhen Municipal Government expressed his thanks to the outstanding delegatesthe model workers and advanced collectives of the majority of the working class, the laboring masses in Shenzhen, who have received outstanding achievements in their respective post and made  contributions  to the development of Shenzhen with their enthusiasm for labor, selfless dedication, the strong sense of deploitation, enterprising and spirit of the innovation and the excellent professional ethics.

Li Ming called on the vast majority of workers to take the model workers and advanced collectives as examples, take an active part in the contest about Being a main force, make a contribution to the 11th Five-Year Plan and reach a harmonious well-off society.

After the meeting, a large literature performance related to the theme of " Glorious Labor, Great Workers" was held. The playactors participated in the performance are all ordinary workers in Shenzhen, they expressed the spirit of the working class in Shenzhen and the blessing for a better life with their sonorous singing and joyful dance.

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